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We Really, Really, Like Our Home Security System

We wanted way more than a regular alarm system for our home. We wanted the whole package. The top thing we wanted was reliable monitoring. This way we know our home has live agents who will call out the cavalry if there is a fire, break-in or medical emergency. We discovered such a system at Plus, we discovered a whole lot more about home security and alarm systems that we did not even know about.

We decided to get a home alarm system with home automation controls and video surveillance. I thought that video cameras being part of a home alarm system would be too expensive. They are not. Plus, you can check in on the live feed of any camera from at home or away using your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can control the home automation stuff the same way. We have one of those fancy doorbells that let you know that someone is there before they even push the button to ring the bell. The motion detection lets you know over your smartphone that someone is at your door. It is cool in that you can speak to them and hear them as well as see them. I have turned away some shady-looking characters while I was at work. The people at the door thought I was home!

I also like the smart locks that let us make sure the doors are locked if the kids leave after us. Plus, we can let the kids in when they forget their keys. You know they always have their phones even if they forget their keys! The features of our home security system go on from there and are too numerous to even cover here. My only regret is that we did not get a home security system earlier. We could have been enjoying the features for years.