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PREPARE IN ADVANCE FOR HURRICANE SEASON. It is that time of the year again when the hurricane season makes its presence felt to inhabitants. Regardless if you live in a place where hurricanes are often a normal and expected to happen, or you have not really experienced it at all, it would be best to always be prepared and get ready in advance. Numerous places have seen and experienced the devastating effects that hurricanes and heavy rainstorms can bring, but as is often the case, more can be expected coming years. So, it is wise to be prepared in advance should it every hit your place. Typically, hurricanes are joined by heavy rains and strong winds which can change courses quite rapidly.
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For starters, it is good to check the car and ensure that it is in a stable condition with the gas tank full. Another is, ensure you have some money set aside for emergencies such as this. Also, high winds and torrential rains will flood your yard or garden so do not leave anything outside unless they are really meant to be placed there. Bottom line is, anything that is not secured down and should not be found outside in the first place – like toys, pets, plants, garden decors, furniture, and much more – must be brought inside and kept there.
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The fourth reminder is, to have enough potable water for everyone’s consumption. Once the tempest subsides, there are outlets wherein you can purchase safe drinking water so make sure to stack up a lot, who knows if they might run out of supply tomorrow or the following day and rescue is still not yet available. Whenever possible, fill up containers with enough food and water for everyone’s consumption. Fifth, if there is the possibility of a typhoon occurring, it is prescribed that you secure any open air furniture as these may possibly bring about wounds and other dangers to the people inside the house. Lastly, do not go outside during and after the storm had subsided; stay indoors for a couple of days and let the turmoil subside. Get updated with the latest weather reports and outside conditions through your radio and television. Also, be mindful that after the tempest has subsided, make sure to have an indoor air quality testing done to your home so you can be totally safe. As soon as you are able and time would permit you to do so, report any floods or destruction that the last weather disturbance had left at your property so it can be repaired outright. Gather the family before and during the tempest as well as after the incident and inform them of the dangers outside that come with it such as power blackouts, wounds that can be sustained from it when they venture outside, not enough water supply, lack of food, uprooted trees and other major dangers so they can be ready.