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All You Need to Know on Epoxy Flooring Different types of resin flooring systems are referred to as epoxy flooring. The result from the mixture of two components or resin is known as epoxy. Epoxy is loved because it has adhesive qualities and has been in use for many decades. Some of the uses of the epoxy includes crack repairs, primer systems and final top coats for floors and surfaces. Epoxy flooring could be found in many color palettes and also in clear epoxy. Epoxy flooring is popular with both the commercial and residential floors. The epoxy flooring is installed by first preparing the floor which includes the grinding or shot blasting to give a clean surface. The cracks are repaired to fill and seal all cracks and joints. Epoxies are best when repairing cracks and sealing joints. Bond coat is applied when coating the entire area. It is a known fact that the color of the bond coating is the same as that of the finishing floor coat. A second bond coat is applied followed up by broadcasting vinyl color flakes or chips onto the wet epoxy until they no longer stick.
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After the color flake coat has cured and lost materials have been removed a final two coat top system is applied. Many people like the epoxies because of their adhesive qualities. It is, therefore, advisable that you talk to the expats to get the proper specifications for your next floor project.
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The good thing with the epoxies is that they are durable and allow for color variety. Another good trait of the epoxy flooring is that they can withstand pressure from many vehicles and tear and wear is not common with them. Epoxy flooring solutions are great since they are seamless and easy to clean. A mop and light detergent are all that you need to maintain the epoxy floors. The epoxy floors are hard, durable and wear resistance. There are also appeal to the eye and are customizable too. You could make designs and patterns that you like with epoxies. The epoxy floors are also great because they have anti-slip additives which create slip resistant floors. The epoxy floors are environmentally friendly since they can be low or no VOC. It is also possible to customize any pattern of the floor with epoxies. The epoxy flooring is affordable. To install epoxy floors are cost effective. Huge areas could be coated with epoxies for a reasonable cost and overall long term solution. Improvement in technology have led to the evolution of the epoxies. Their durability has improved over time. Today it is possible to find metallic epoxy floors. The enhancer flooring systems combine the durability and strength of the epoxy with the d?cor options of custom.